USA Annapolis, Maryland 11 eleven models (1971)
Boston, Mass. Museum of Fine Arts 1 HEROS, French 80-gun (1809) ship of the line; very similar to the OCEAN in the Science Museum
Channel Islands Maritime Museum, Oxnard, CA, USA 5
Chicago/Illinois, Sammlung Arthur R. Sawers 1 80(1813) several bone ship models (Mondfeld)
Mystic, Conn., Marine Historical Association 1 a 90-98 gun British ship of the line
New York City, India House, Dining Club 1 ine detailed First rate warship with three gun decks
PORT EDWARD RESTAURANT, Algonquin, IL , USA 1 This beautiful ship model is a French Prisoner of War Bone Model, first rate ship of the line
Salem, Mass. Peabody Essex Museum 1 at least one model
Ship Shapes of Charleston 2 restored two "prisoner bone ships"
Total: 24