A Private collector in Hamburg

This Bone model Ship of The Line, circa 1810, 114 guns, was made by

French Prisoners’ of War in England. Complete with all the carved fittings, original standing rigging,

good condition. The model is described in Meyer and Münzing (1976) and Mondfeld (1989).

In my opinion, this medium-sized model (30 x 8 x 24,5 cm)shows craftsmanship.

The Standing Rigging seems to be original. Stays and shrouds are cable laid.

This ship is made of bone (from scraps of food), baleen (the gunwales), brass (the guns).

A so-called Dieppe-Model is shown below. It is made around 1830 in Dieppe (Normandy), and it represents the

"Quid pro quo", a French sloop (8 guns) captured by H.M.S. "Gipsy" (10 guns) off Guadeloupe on October 8, 1800.