A Private collector in Hamburg

- Certificate of Antiquity -

The magnificant late 18th. century Bone and Ivory model Ship of The Line, circa 1795, 86 guns, made by

French Prisoners’ of War in England. Complete with all the carved fittings, original rigging and in unrestored,

pristine condition. Illustrated “The Ivory Hammer” 1964/1965.In my opinion, this ship is one of the finest

models made and it is remarkable that it has survived in such undamaged condition. Not least is the beauty

of the original rigging, made from human hair. The few ships that one sees from time to time, invariably

have the rigging missing – it is impossible to replace in the same manner and restored ships always have an

obvious coarse new look.

This ship is made of ivory, bone (from scraps of food), horn (the black decoration), brass (the guns) and gold

(the rivets and rudder fittings – the prisoners would use their wedding rings).

even the bucket isn't missing; original rigging, made from human hair.