Great Britain Number Remarks
Buckland Abbey several models
Barnstaple, Arlington Court, Devon 14 Collection of Ship Models
Bournemouth, Rothesay Museum 3
Bristol, City Museum several models
Beaulieu/Hampshire, Buckler's Hard Maritime Museum unknown number of models
Burton Art Gallery 2
Dartmouth. Maritime Museum 2
Dartmouth. Royal Naval College unknown number of models
Devon, Museum 2 several models, two of them representing HMS Britannia
Dover. Dover Corporation Museum 1 74 gun ship CESAR
Dumfries Museum, Dumfriesshire  1 French prisoners of war made this model of a 90 gun man-of-war 
Dundee. Broughty Castle Scrimshaw
Edinburgh. The Castle 3 ivory carver from Antwerp
Edinburgh. National Museum of Scotland 3 three models, one model built at Norman Cross, the other built at Greenlaw, now known as Glencorse, near Edinburgh; origin of the third model unknown 
Glasgow. Art Galleries and Museum 13 among others a french 50 gun frigate
Great Yarmouth. Maritime Museum for East Anglia 1
Greenock. McLean Museum 2
Greenwich, National Maritime Museum 15 HMS Prince of Wales (in Francis Abell)
Grimsby. Doughty Museum 10
Gunby Hall Estate, Lincolnshire 1
Hastings. Museum 1 10 inch model of frigate
Hertford. Hertford House unknown number of models
Hull. Municipal Museum 1 BOUNTY
Kings Lynn. The Lynn Museum Scrimshaw
Lewes, Sussex. Anne of Cleves' House 2 model of frigate and a 90-gun (1807) ship
Liverpool. Museum and Art Gallery 39 Information by Merseyside Maritime Museum (National Museums Liverpool) on 4 July 2013; models presently not on display
Liverpool. City Museum 1 74 gun ship 
London. Fishmonger's Hall unknown number of models
London. Royal Thames Yacht Club 3 model of a 100-gun ship
London. Science Museum 7 OCEAN (French 138-gun ship)
London, The Parker Gallery 1 98-gun ship (1785)
London. Trinity House 1 HMS FOUDROYANT
London. Victoria and Albert Museum unknown number of models
London. Watermen's Hall 1 the largest bone model in the world [?], it is 7 feet long, 104(1813), > 2m Länge
Launceston, Lawrence House Museum 1 French Officers were held at Lawrence House
Oxford. Pitt-Rivers Anthropological Museum several models
Reading Museum 1 On 25 October 1809, on the occasion of George III’s Golden Jubilee the remaining 200 Danish Prisoners-of-War were given their freedom. Sivert Ryberg, POW, presented this model to the Mayor of Reading. Base – 27 cm length, Base – 16.5 cm wide, Dome – 28.5 cm height.
Peebles. Chambers Institute Museum unknown number of models
Peterborough. Peterborough Museum 8 about six models; in addition 3 more models acc. to own photos
Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery 8
Portsmouth. Royal Naval Museum 3 at least two models; acc. to Mondfeld 3 models
Rochester. Eastgate House Museum 2 100, 74-guns (latter model is considered by Freeston to be the most perfect bone model)
South Shields. Museum 1 52-gun ship L'AMATONE
Southampton. Tudor House Museum 2 HMS TÉMÉRAIRE and fregate GLORY
Southampton. Wool House Maritime Museum unknown number of models
Southsea. Southsea Castle unknown number of models
Stromness. Orkney Natural History Museum unknown number of models
Treasurer's House, North Yorkshire 1
Truro. Corwall County Museum 1 circa 1850 French ship; scrimshaw
Winchester. College 1 FORMIDABLE, 1759
Whitby. Pannet Park Museum 4 50-, 64-, 74- and 100 gun ships 
Whitby/Yorkshire, Whitby Museum 2
Woburn, Bedfordshire. Woburn Abbey 1 98-gun ship NEPTUNE
Worthing, Sussex. Worthing Museum and Art Gallery 2 78-gun ship; model made in Dartmoor; plus 80(1806)
Total: 168