Information on POW Bone Ship Models available in Official Catalogues

Information on Bone Ship Models built by POW's during the Napoleonic Wars is available from many sources. A time-consuming

task is the search in Official Catalogues. However, some of the older catalogues are available through the internet, and - this

is a tremendous advantage - they are searchable pdf-files. One of these sources of information is the "Catalogue of THE NAVAL AND MARINE ENGINEERING COLLECTION of THE SCIENCE MUSEUM, SOUTH KENSINGTON , published in 1911. If we compare

the entries given in the catalogue 100 years ago, with the index on museums and their collections of POW bone ship models,

as given in Mondfeld (1989), the number of models increased to at least seven. These are displayed in the Mondfeld

publication, among them the "Ocean", a masterpiece of bone ship models.