Canada Halifax, NS, Museum of the Atlantic 1 74 gun ship with two gun decks, possibly built by French POWs housed in Halifax. Model at present in the process of being restored.
St John's, NL, Canada 1 A Napoleonic Prisoner-of-War Ship Model. The elaborately crafted miniature was created during the French and Napoleonic wars (1793-1815). Made of bone.
Vancouver Maritime Museum, Canada  1 Model of the ship 'Le Vengeur du Peuple', c.1798 (bone); made at Porchester Castle by French prisoners; 74-gun ship of the line lost in the first great battle of the French Revolution in 1794;
Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum, Canada 1 model of a warship that was constructed of bone by a French prisoner-of-war during the Napoleonic Wars
Maritime Museum Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  1 first rate ship of the line, model was made from bone by a prisoner of war during one of the wars between England and France
Total: 5