This website was established in April 2011.

This website is a compilation of information on Prisoner of War (POW) Bone Ship Models around the world. Based on information published in the literature from 1973 onwards, on information extracted from the internet, and personal observations of the author, the objective is to show the beauty of these ship models which were made about 200 years ago under harsh living conditions.

This compilation cannot at all give a complete overview on the large number of ship models existing during the present time. With very few exceptions where private collectors made their POW bone ship models available to the author, the pictures shown here were taken during visits of the author in museums, or links to websites. In addition, extracts from EXCEL tables are given to get an impression on where the bone ship models are located. This tabular compilation is a "working basis" of the author, and must not represent any completeness.

Of some copyright free publications, dated at the beginning of the 20th century, extracts are given, e.g. illustrations published in: ABELL, FRANCIS 1914. PRISONERS OF WAR IN BRITAIN, 1756 TO 1815. Also some historic museum catalogues were inspected for information on bone ship models.

This information may be useful when tracing back possible routes of models from the builder - sitting e.g. at Norman Cross (see the bone ship models under "Peterborough Museum", or the British Frigate "H.M.S. ALBION" in the Vallejo Gallery archive) , or at Porchester Castle (building the model "LE VENGEUR" in 1798, acc. to the Official Catalogue of the Science Museum, London, entry no. 48.) - to the present location.